Our research is at the crossroad of chemistry, nanosciences, Earth, energy and environment sciences. We are developing methods to design and to study original nano-objects, as ways to address some of the urgent challenges of our societies: energy and environment.

We are seaking to understand how materials form in Nature, and how to use these processes as inspiration to develop new methods of nanomaterials synthesis, in order to:

  • address the concepts underlying the formation, the reactivity and the properties of original nano-objects belonging to new territories in terms of chemical composition and atomic-scale order,
  • target specific properties and functions,
  • enhance sustainability of synthetic processes.

Our activities are performed in the Laboratory of Condensed Matter Chemistry of Paris (LCMCP), affiliated to CNRS and Sorbonne University. It is located in the center of Paris on the campus of Sorbonne University.


Contributions to the special issue of Chemistry of Materials dedicated to Prof. Clément Sanchez

We are honored to provide two contributions to the special virtual issue that Chemistry of Materials is launching in honor of Professor Clément Sanchez, who has been, and still is, so influential to our work: Galvanic Replacement and Etching of MAX-Related Phases in Molten Salts toward MXenes: An In Situ Study, E. Defoy, M. Baron, …

Two important milestones published in Angewandte Chemie and JACS

Last months have seen the achievements of two important works in the group, both related to the design of nano-objects with complex crystal structure and/or internal nanostructure: The first one is the discovery of a new zinc and silicon compound that exhibits a new crystal structure, polar, which is of interest for photoelectrocatalytic water splitting. …