My core expertise is nanomaterials synthesis. I am focusing on the design of functional nanomaterials, their formation mechanisms and the exploration of new territories in inorganic compositions at the nanoscale, which provide access to properties without equivalent among common compositions. To move away from regular nanomaterials (metals, simple metal oxides), I am developing novel synthesis methods, including original instrumentation, and the use of new liquid and gel media. One of my specificities is the wide range of nanomaterials I am exploring, from oxides to borides, polycationics, metals and nitrides, spanning a wide range of properties, from batteries, thermoelectricity, to spin transport and plasmonics.


A new tungsten trioxide polymorph published in Nature Communications

We have discovered a new WO3 polymorph as a a 2D nanomaterial, through aqueous chemistry at low temperature. This material shows mpressive electrochromic properties. Congrats to Julie and Binghua for their great work, and thanks to collaborators from SOLVAY, INSP Paris, IPCM Paris, IRCP Paris, UC Madrid and UCCS Lille for bringing their own bricks …