Evaporation-driven processes of Nanomaterials


How to design better Ir-based catalystsfor OER?

By engineering the architecture and porosity at different scales!

First work on the “sol-gel” of noble metals in Advanced Energy Materials

A collaborative study between LCMCP, Univ Strasbourg, Univ Paris Diderot, Univ Montpellier, Ecole Polytechnique, greatly coordinated by Jennifer Peron


I’m very honored to be one of the grantees of an ERC STARTING GRANT for the TEMPORE project  aiming at reproduce life-like properties into artificial materials.

PhDs and Post-DOC positions will be available soon…


Olivier Dalstein receives the YNSECT award for his PhD thesis work on Photonic MOF Sensors!

Very proud of him!


Out-of-equilibrium Nanowetting

After more than two years, our work on water condensation and shaping of nano droplets is out in ACS Nano. Great collaboration with AMU University, C2N, INSA Lyon and Itodys.

Have a look here: M. Faustini et al ACS Nano 2018



“Retrospective” article on the History of Hybrid Materials published in Advanced Functional Materials here the link

A very long, but instructive, bibliographical research work along the centuries, outstanding scientists and the synthetic procedures.

Take-home message: also in material’s science, Rome wasn’t built in a day…

Here a first glance of the “as accepted” article

a wink to Back to the Future…


Pushing the resolution limit of nanofabrication with soft-chemistry with A. Cattoni and D. Mailly at C2N;

paper accepted in Microelectronic Engineering


Maxime is joining the team. He will work on the synthesis of porous “metallic” materials made by sol-gel of noble metals. Welcome!


Sol-Gel for tandem solar cells!

POST-DOC position opening now!

with C2N-CNRS

here the announce PostdocIPVF


Pleased to present our latest works at the SCAN Paris Diderot. Thanks to the organizers for the opportunity.



Observing iridium sol-gel based materials at 800°C. Great in-situ experiment at Samba XAS beam line, Synchrotron Soleil


After 3 years together, Olivier and Guillaume are doctors! Very proud of them.


Olivier’s article on Evaporation-directed Crack Patterning of MOFs colloidal gels accepted in Angewandte Chemie!

 Thanks to our collaborators in IMAP, ILV and LISE.

how to make photonic devices out of cracks…



Nice discussion and team’s photo with Prof. K. Kuroda, the inventor of mesoporous materials, a giant in material’s chemistry

From left to right: Guillaume, Marco, Elisa, Prof. Kuroda, Olivier, Justine, Alexa



“Soft chemistry meets Soft lithography”: a lecture at the C’nano International School of Nanoscience 2017


Guillaume N. received the Graduate Student Award at E-MRS 2017 for his work on dew formation on sol-gel films. Congratulations!



Ronghua’s paper on “Invisible” Photoactive Coatings accepted in ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces!


The “AQUASCREEN” project is highlighted by CNRS Innovation: have a look here



Our essay on  Sol-gel Derived Functional Coatings for Optics is finally out. Great job Guillaume and Davide. Have a look here.

General strategy to tune optical properties of coating by sol-gel chemistry


POST-DOC position available!

One 12 months post-doctoral position opening starting from January 2017!

Project “Emergences” Sorbonne University: Themo-plasmonics on nanoporous films

Do no hesitate to contact me for more information!


“Lutech Trophy” for technological transfer!

for the development of the project AQUASCREEN and GLASSPRINT. What a honor!

Thanks for all the support we received from the SATT and from the other co-inventors (David Grosso, Lionel Nicole, Guillaume Naudin).



Presenting our work at the Institut de Chimie de la Matiére Condensée de Bordeaux

Master internship available!


One 5 months position opening starting from January 2017!
Project : Sol-gel, Iridium based coatings



Congratulation Olivier for winning the best poster award delivered by the International Sol-Gel Society for his work on photonic sensing


Benj’s wedding party with the process-team



Review on nano patterning by bottom-up approach

co-written with David Grosso


AFM cover on Olivier’s paper!

Matisse art competition
TITLE: If matisse was a nano-Pointillist (SEM of a 2D TiO2 photonic crystal)