Open positions

Nanomaterials and Device Fabrication by Nanochemistry

Do you want to join the team?
  • One PhD position open on porous materials for H2 production at Sorbonne University (French / German project) — > PhDoffer
  • One post-doc position open on materials for H2 production at Freiburg University (French / German project) — > PostDoc-offer-mit Bild




We are constantly looking for highly motivated PhD students and Post-Docs to join us!

If you are interested in: 

  • Nanolithography, Nanopatterning  coupling soft chemistry / self-assembly / soft lithography
  • Plasmonic / photonic materials photovoltaics/ autonomous systems/ sensing / self-regulation
  • Green Hydrogen Production electrocatalysis / photocatalysis
  • In operando characterization of nano materials in-situ ellipsometry / in-situ dark field scattering spectroscopy