Patents / Technological transfer

Nanomaterials and Device Fabrication by Nanochemistry


  1. Active glazing system, WO2016046501 publication: 31/03/2016
  2. Automotive self-cleaning automotive glazing under uv excitation FR3020984B1 publication 20/11/2015
  3. Revetement multifonctionnel pour vitrages automobiles et son procede de fabrication FR3047987B1 publication 25/8/2017
  4. Composition and fabrication process of vitrous objects WO2018060608A1 publication 5/4/2018
  5. Nanoimprint lithography process and patterned substrate obtainable WO2018166896A1 publication 20/9/2018
  6. Devices for blood alcohol detection WO2017220908A1 publication 28/12/2018
  7. Porous material made in form of microspheres based on iridium and/iridium oxide, process for preparing the same and uses thereof WO2018224771A1 publication 13/12/2018
  8. Revêtement multicouche pour vitrage, procédé de réalisation d’un tel revêtement et vitrage de véhicule automobile pourvu dudit revêtement FR3099475A1 publication 5/2/2021
  9. Process of revelation of latent traces, FR1858679 publication 02/04/2020
  10. Ink composition for the production of micropatterns EP19306759 publication 1/7/2021
  11. Cellule photovoltaïque tandem à deux terminaux et procédé de fabrication associé FR2014115


Technological transfer

We have been strongly involved in technological transfer with 3 projects of maturation (patents 1, 4 and 7) financed by SATT (Service for Accelerating Technical Transfer – National Funding) including the project “Aquascreen” aiming at fabricating an industrial prototype of a “humidity-fuelled smart windows”. This project was highlighted in the CNRS Innovation Letter and awarded by a  “Lutech Trophy” for innovation.