Nanomaterials and Device Fabrication by Nanochemistry

I work in the MHN group at LCMCP

my main collaborators are Cédric Boissière, Nadine Nassif, Laurence Rozes, Lionel Nicole

Here the official “team’s photo”

I supervise and co-supervise:

  • Fanny Thorimbert (PhD candidate)

topic: cracks, plant-inspired devices


  • Silvia Duran (Post-doc)


topic: electrocatalysis (co-supervised with J. Peron and A. Grimaud)


  • Davide Ceratti (Post-doc) 

topic: strong coupling, data analysis, microscopy

  • Florent Ducrozet (Post-doc) 

topic: porous metals, electrocatalysis (co-supervised with C. Boissiere)

  • Amelie Perot (PhD candidate)

topic: self-assembled magneto-plasmonic materials, 4D printing

Past members

Guillaume Naudin (Post-doc) ⇒ engineer in a start-up

Elisa Bindini (PhD) ⇒ post doc CIC biomaGUNE

Olivier Dalstein (PhD) ⇒ post doc Aix Marseille University

Chystelle Salameh (Post-doc)⇒ Assistant Professor (Montpellier)

Davide Ceratti (PhD)⇒ post doc Weizmann Institute of Science (Israel)

Ronghua Li (PhD)⇒ post doc Shenzhen University (China)

Gaetan Venet (Master student) ⇒ student

Justine Voronkoff (Master student)⇒ PhD student (Saint Gobais Recherche)

Alexa ter Hofsteede (Master student) ⇒ student

Zeinab Chehadi (Post-Doc) ⇒ post-doc Aix Marseille Univ.

Helene Pascot (PhD)⇒ post-doc Synchrotron Soleil

Robert Ludmersky  (visiting PhD student)

Célia Aissani (undergrad student)

Mateusz Odziomek (Post-Doc) ⇒ Max Planck Institute

François Chancerel (Post-Doc) ⇒ research engineer at IMEC

Elora Bessot (PhD student)

Danae Tessari (undergrad student)

Olivier Smith (undergrad student)

Arnaud Lesaine (post-doc) ⇒ Saint Gobain Recherche

Maxime Gayrard (PhD) ⇒ Post Doc Lyon

Alexandra Sauvetre (PhD)

Civan Avci (post-doc)

Clemence Mimoso (undergrad student)

Caroline Byun (PhD) ⇒ industry

Hajar Amyar (PhD) ⇒ Post Doc IOGS

Maria Letizia di Marco ⇒ Post Doc Max Planck Institut

Ambre Branchfeld  (undergrad student)